In this 90 minute session Octavia Calthorpe (@octaviacalthorpe) will guide you through an immersive breath experience designed to release stress and tension, improve mental clarity and focus and enable a greater connection to self, intuition, and creativity.

Elizabeth Broderick (@anicca.sound) will work with the gong and other instruments to fully submerge you in sound vibration, altering your brainwave states for deep meditation, rejuvenation and lucid dreaming. Find your inner stillness through sound and have a vibrational re-set on both mind and body.

The benefits are:

- It helps make meditation accessible

- Release tensions and emotional blockagaes like a form of therapy

- Dramatically improves quality of sleep

- Helps you manage and reduce stress level

- Brings balance and alignment

What you need to bring

- Yoga mat

- A blanket

- An eye mask (optional but recommended) 

This event is not suitable for anyone with epilepsy, heart conditions (pacemaker) or first trimester of pregnancy.

April 11, 2022
90 mis

More details

Elizabeth is a certified soundmeditation teacher with yoga alliance, creating soundscapes for altered statesin London.

Elizabeth founded Anicca(pronounced A-Nee-Cha), which is the Buddhist belief that all things, includingthe self and the world around us, are impermanent and constantly changing.Change is inevitable, we have zero control over it, but we do have control overthe way we react to it.
The more we align with the present moment, the less we are impacted by thehighs and lows that life throws at us. By altering our state of consciousnessthrough sound, we can transform our relationship with ourself, and with theworld around us.

At ANICCA, sound takes us on ajourney back to our inner wisdom, a place of stillness for balanced living. 

OctaviaCalthorpe‍ is a breathwork therapist based in London. Since 2017 she has trained inAmerica, the UK and Ireland in various modalities of breathwork. She isdetermined in reaffirming the inner empowerment to the day to day experiencesof her clients.

Using simple, effective andaccessible avenues for people to unearth the multitude of benefits ofbreathwork. She spends her days teaching her clients to reconnect to the powerof their breath, to help relieve emotional issues, improve physical health andconnect more deeply to their inner wisdom and the beautiful world we live in.
I want to help people connect back to the superpower they have inside - theirbreath, and in doing so connect back to themselves and to our beautiful planet-